Single Set Spectacular: Marvel Heroes and Villains.


Those are two small wonders from the brand new Marvel Heroes and Villains set produced by Rittenhouse Archives. They are original oil paintings by Charles Hall. All of those details are somehow contained upon a three inch piece of cardboard. Unbelievable, but true.

Last night at midnight on the Scoundrel Art Community forums, a fresh batch of mind-blowing miniature magnificence spilled into the world. The cards will not be released until October 20th, but the artists were allowed to display their wares a week early. All the amazing images you see today are still wrapped tight inside their little foil wrappers. Soon they will be popping up in person all over the world.



That quick selection of mondo-monochromatic magic is by Richard Cox. It does indeed include two cards featuring the X-Babies. Terrific tykes to tip-off a new season of sketchcard bliss, if I do say so myself.


Joe Pekar checks in with a pair of loud luscious lovelies. One thing you might have noticed among all these previewed prizes? At least two characters are included on each card. That is a fabulous feature of this entire new set.

Marvel Heroes and Villains challenges the sketchcard artist community to somehow fit double the pleasure in the same small space, and so far the work we have seen smashes the senses because of it. We will leave you with two intense revelations from Tim Shay. Come back tomorrow for more Sketchcard Saloon madness, every day serves up a fresh new brew.


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2 Responses to Single Set Spectacular: Marvel Heroes and Villains.

  1. OniYon says:

    How DO they do it!! XDD never ceases to amaze me. Love love love Joe Pekar’s artworks btw

  2. rehabber says:

    I have several cards from Tim Shay and they are his work.

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