Artist Spotlight: Nar!


Who is considered the biggest name in Sketchcards? Nar! Who is still the coolest cat on the planet? Nar! Who are we showcasing today? Nar! Who recently told me he would soon sketch Squirrel Girl? Nar!

(Sketch cards from the collections of k-uppercut, DeathStorm, and BlinkAoA on
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1 Response to Artist Spotlight: Nar!

  1. NAR has definitely inspired me to step up my skills and really push the envelope with my artwork. As I roll into year two as an official sketch card artist (one of many other titles I use) – I am reevaluating myself as an artist. The key for me as I’m sure it’s similar to NAR is to stay true to what your vision is and to allow your hands to apply them to the paper.
    I’ve only, just recently a few months in fact, really become acquainted to the legend of NAR … And have had the pleasure to chat with him via FaceBook. He is yet another example that we all who call ourselves artisan can learn from even if some of us are much older than him 🙂
    Rock On!!!

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