Character Study: Rogue.

Welcome to the first Sketchcard Saloon Character Study. Get ready to absorb a delicious dozen of the most exquisite little portraits of the magnificent mutant known as Rogue. The tantalizing talent displayed on these tiny two-inch masterpieces will be identfied in order with a list. Like so…

1. Hanie Mohd.

2. Mike Maihack.

3. Chad Hardin.

4. Warren Martineck.

5. Andy Price.

6. Renae De Liz.

7. Eduardo Ferrera.

8. Andre Toma.

9. Sanna U.

10. Sonny Strait.

11. Katie Cook.

12. Meghan Hetrick.

(Sketchcards from the collections of DeathStorm, FeedTheLion, withlime, gdubya, Rogue, will1078, and Bullseye on

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1 Response to Character Study: Rogue.

  1. OniYon says:

    Meghan Hetrick’s card is just pure ❤

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