Sketchcard Sweepstakes: Marvel Heroes and Villains.

The past two days in the sketchcard community have been an explosion of glorious madness. The new Marvel Heroes and Villains set was officially released on October 20th, and enough boxes have been busted to blow all our little minds.

In honor of this bumper crop of fresh new beauties, we are hereby launching the first Sketchcard Sweepstakes identification contest. Two original art sketch cards will be awarded to whomever can figure out the artists and/or characters that we are displaying from the Marvel Heroes and Villains set today. If multiple correct entries are received, winners will be chosen at random.

If you can identify the characters or the artists from this spectacular selection of sublime sketchcards, leave your list here in the comments or send your entry to and we will announce our champion next week.

Ready, set…


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4 Responses to Sketchcard Sweepstakes: Marvel Heroes and Villains.

  1. I would love to try my hand on a Marvel set – it looks like a ton of fun. I really love the more obscure characters like Frog Man, Captain Ultra, Moon Boy & Devil Dinosaur and the New Universe characters. The cards you have displayed look amazing- the talent is strong for this set.

  2. Carlos says:

    LOVE that Hulk/Thor one! And the Iron Man/Foom as well! Thanks for posting these. 🙂

  3. Eisu says:

    Awesome, you pulled my Mr.Sinister/Gambit card! Nice to see it out there and all that ^o^

  4. OniYon says:

    I love the Shadowcat/ Colossus next to my Gwen Stacy & Mary Jane

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