The (Squirrel Girl) Truth According To Bendis.

That is a little jewel that was just pulled from its pack somewhere in Maryland.  It is an original art sketch card by Irma Ahmed from the Marvel Heroes and Villains set.  We were aware that Squirrel Girl was leaving Deadpool to join the New Avengers, but we didn’t realize she was quite so angry.

There.  That’s better.  Squirrel Girl by George “Geo” Davis from the Iron Man 2 set.  Our ultimate bushy tailed hero is now prepared to make her major title debut in the New Avengers comic book, written by Brian Michael Bendis. 

The other day I asked the celebrated scribe if Doreen Green had been forced upon him by the mothership, or if he really wanted to do Squirrel Girl himself.  He assured me that the decision to make her the new nanny for the baby of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones was all his.  Bendis says…

“Nothing goes on in the books that I write that isn’t something that I want to write. I’m not sure why I’ve been successful in my life but I know that that fact has something to do with it.

The nanny idea was mine and I had a list of candidates all of which would be interesting which included Squirrel Girl.  I brought the idea to the Marvel retreat and she was voted in almost unanimously.

I am having a lot of fun writing her and I think you will enjoy it as well.”

That is Squirrel Girl’s new team, with the toddler she will be babysitting.  We heard the word of the man who is writing her into immortality, and he really wants to do this.  What will she look like in her new incarnation as the nanny for the New Avengers?  Will she maintain her air of purity and light?  Will she finally lose a battle?

Those questions remain a mystery.  While we wait, we do have one more treat.  Squirrel Girl recently appeared in I Am An Avenger #1.  She was drawn by Tom Fowler, and we proudly present two of his original pages for your visual pleasure.

Go nuts, Squirrel Girl fans.  Go nuts.

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