Opposites Attract.

It is that time again.  Once a year on the streets of Miami we take Primary Flight and transform the walls of our city.  That fresh paint is a Ron English piece and it makes us wonder.

Here at Sketchcard Saloon we celebrate the smallest of illuminating masterpieces.  The drawings and paintings we usually showcase are a mere three inches across.  Size-wise they are the opposite of the giant gorgeousity of the annual street art party spraying its way into public consciousness as we speak.

So which sketchcard artist reminds us most of this most pleasurable public display?  Who will we showcase for contrast in our microcosmic ovation for the current macrocosm on the forty foot canvases of our fair city?

Benjamin Glendenning, obviously.





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1 Response to Opposites Attract.

  1. gdaybloke says:

    I’m a little disturbed that you actually found Shriek art 😉

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