All The Strange You Can Handle.

That is the sketch card that holds my face.  Gooney Toons used my actual physical features as the basis for the Sorceror Supreme in the Marvel Heroes and Villains set.  The original image has obviously been mirrored to complete the Nightmare, and it is only the beginning of the Strange gallery we are exhibiting today. 

Doctor Strange, we salute you.

Otis Frampton.

Jeff Confer.

Tony Perna.

Sonny Strait.

Katie Cook.

Ron Salas.

Andrew Robinson.

Lak Lim.

Michael Duron.

Matthew Humphreys.

Andy Price.

Joe Pekar.

George Davis.

Michael Glover.

Daniel Campos.

Eduardo Ferrara.

Javier Gonzalez.


Jake Minor.

Gooney Toons.

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