Ms. Marvel Until Squirrel Girl Arrives.

That comic book will be available to the public on December 8, 2010.  As soon as its pages are opened, a new era will begin.

Squirrel Girl will finally be featured in a major Marvel Comics title.

Indeed, Doreen Green will be seen as the nanny in New Avengers #7.  We don’t know what Stuart Immonen will make her look like.  We don’t know what Brian Michael Bendis will make her do.  Until next week, we only know that this issue will also be available in a variant cover – with Ms. Marvel dressed in a Tron suit.

That right there is mad coolness.  It almost makes the seven days we have to wait a little more bearable.  In the meantime, let’s splash around in a few fantastic sketch cards featuring Carol Danvers. 

It might make the time go faster.

Adam Hughes.

Sanna U.

Scott Rorie.

Gooney Toons.

Jack Redd.

George Calloway.

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