Squirrel Girl’s New Avengers Debut is Absolute Perfection.

I have been waiting a long time for this.  Squirrel Girl has finally been featured in a major Marvel Comics title.  She is now an integral part of the New Avengers storyline written by Brian Michael Bendis and drawn by Stuart Immonen.  There are joyous SPOILERS in this article, so if you don’t want to know what Doreen Green’s big time debut is like, bail out now.  If you want to see why I am transcendently happy, you can click the images to make them bigger.

Rush out and buy your own copy of New Avengers #7 immediately.  It is the most satisfying comic book I have purchased since Promethea ended.  If you want proof right now, press Continue and come along for the ride.  This, my friends, is bliss.

I am an art teacher, and that panel will soon be enlarged to poster size and displayed in my classroom.  I might even make a tee-shirt.  Squirrel Girl > All when it comes to motivational aphorisms.  Her interview amongst that motley crew vying for the right to be the nanny for Luke and Jessica’s baby Danielle shows us that Bendis will indeed keep her purity of perspective intact.  And, he answered one fanboy question that has been itching for 19 years.

Yes, Squirrel Girl’s tail is attached.

There is one bombshell that I must explode before I leave you to realize that this book truly could not have turned out any better.  What would get the most juices flowing in this storyline? A bushy-tailed romantic past.  Who would be the most intense partner for Squirrel Girl?  Wolverine, of course.

I am not lying.  Bendis is writing a Squirrel Girl skeleton in Wolverine’s closet.

Absolute perfection.

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9 Responses to Squirrel Girl’s New Avengers Debut is Absolute Perfection.

  1. zeck pantufas vermelhas says:

    Dude the chick with red glasses and scarf is the best Spider-Woman, now new Madame Web: Julia Carpenter. Damn you Bendis, that is so humiliating for her! Poor Sersi too, she would been a good addition to the team. I miss her.

    About your obsession, I dont get it. Does attached mean it’s on her, or part of her?

  2. The bushy tail is part of her. In continuity. Forevermore.

  3. Catinthewall says:

    SG has Wolverine as an ex-lover? Geeze, is there any heroine that guy hasn’t boned yet?

  4. WandringRebel says:

    Thanks for posting the scans!

    SG must have hooked up with Wolverine after the Thing’s big poker game.

  5. Comicscomic says:


    She’s 14. Considering Marvel continuity never ages… umm yeah.

  6. stryc9fuego says:

    Considering how she has a habit of kicking everyone’s… I mean she wins every fight she gets in, and how she debuted her skills to Iron Man, she probably trounced ole Jimmy there and he covered up his embarrassment with anger and yelled at her that he never wants to see her again or something.

    In other words, no. I don’t think they boned. Not that Wolvie hasn’t had a tendency for chasing after younger stuff…

  7. Henry Craff says:

    Yay, a Molly Hayes appearance!

  8. @MorgZee says:

    How is Deadpool NOT talking!!!

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