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The Glory of Carlo Soriano.

Carlo Soriano’s magnificent miniature Marvel Masterpieces sing like a symphony, leaving me speechless. Advertisements

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More Phoenix, More Better.

That is an actual screenshot of Jean Grey getting Pheeney with it, in Marvel vs. Capcom 3.  We love the heat, we love the fire, we cannot get enough.  Today we have a fresh batch of the best Phoenix ever seen, courtesy … Continue reading

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Aquaman: Respect the Fish.

Aquaman gets no respect.  Even though he can hold his breath longer than anyone you know while having a long conversation with the local plankton, he is often seen as a joke.  Andy Price answered the critics in the sketch … Continue reading

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Mystery Spoiler for Moon Knight by Alex Maleev.

That is a drawing that was just released by Alex Maleev.  It seems to show some sort of morphing Moon Knight.  Wolverine’s claws, Spider-Man’s web shooters, Captain America’s shield, and a disappearing leg. Could it be a secret spoiler for … Continue reading

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Iron Man 2 Showdown: Dan Panosian vs. Elaine Perna vs. Mike Maihack.

Those are four little beauties from Dan Panosian’s Iron Man 2 original art sketch cards.  His style is thick and chewy and dense.  In the name of contrast, we are showcasing the pure crystal clarity of Elaine Perna and the whimsical merry … Continue reading

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It’s true, Skottie Young did sketch cards.

That happens to be one of my favorite Marvel Comic covers of all time.  I love me some X-Babies, and when they got such a big name to make them immortal I did flips inside my head. Skottie Young.  The name gets … Continue reading

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Squirrel Girl Coming Into Focus.

That is the before and after cover illustration for the GLA Missasembled by Paul Pelletier. That’s her in the corner. Squirrel Girl has come a long way baby. Brian Michael Bendis is now in charge of the myth of Doreen … Continue reading

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