Jonboy Meyers Has A Hammer.

You can click on that image to make it bigger, but fair warning.  It tends to blow minds.  Jonboy Meyers has been one of the most visually violent artists in all the world for some time now.  With Upper Deck’s Thor movie set, he is returning with the loudest bang you can imagine.  This stuff is LOUD.

One more thing before we try in vain to stuff our brain back into our eye sockets.  Notice the revolutionary format of these original art one-of-a-kind sketch cards that will be randomly inserted into the packs.  Some are printed horizontally, and some are printed vertically.  That has never happened before, and now it is on.

Get ready for greatness.

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2 Responses to Jonboy Meyers Has A Hammer.

  1. Jason Adams says:

    Those Spiderman cards are awesome.

    Well, they are all awesome, but I love me some spiderman.

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