Dan Slott Gets Squirrel Girl in Amazing Spider-Man #653.

Dan Slott is my hero.  He kept the myth of Squirrel Girl alive until it could bust loose and swarm the collective consciousness of our species.  Brian Michael Bendis lit a brilliant lightbulb and brought her into the New Avengers storyline last month, which gave Slott the opportunity to give Doreen Green a page in Amazing Spider-Man. Stefano Caselli did the drawings, and they may be the best portrait of the busy-tailed blissmonger yet published.

Yes, it’s real.  Squirrel Girl appears in ASM #653.  She looks spectacularly perky, and baby Danielle is just perfect.

Dreams do come true.

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3 Responses to Dan Slott Gets Squirrel Girl in Amazing Spider-Man #653.

  1. powerful platypuss says:

    I have to agree its quite a portrait right there!!! looking so cute without taking the out the elements that we love………..but seems that she´s not wearing her usual eye make up today, isnt she????’ stil they included the Caselli version of the buck teeth (giggling happiness) n_n

  2. powerful platypuss says:

    let make clear that after that squirrel girl sent ms. marvel the exact coordinates of where spidey was, just in time to save him from a 7 mile fall in the cousy arms od the scorpion himself………that was what? 90 seconds after the call ends?….all that OFF PANEL (typical squirrel girl thing) while still feeding danni cage.


  3. Dan says:

    Despite she did not appear, in Wolverine 5.1 there were funny references to SG from Luke and Jessica. Love it.

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