The Sublime Art of Noah Salonga.

In real life, that otherworldly portrait of Doctor Strange is only two and a half inches across.  The drawings of Noah Salonga are some of the most magnificent interpretations of mythological characters that humanity has ever known, and this one is the latest treasure in our personal sketch card collection.  It was buried in a random pack of Marvel Masterpieces trading cards in 2007.  Yesterday, we held it in our hands. 

Miniature magick happens, and Noah Salonga busts the biggest spells.  Here are four more of his transcendent tiny canvases.



Noah Salonga’s spectacular scribbles are not reserved for miniature Marvel myths.  He expands his brilliance to bathe the world in beauty through comic books that run the gamut from Red Sonja, through Thulsa Doom, into Vampirella, and out of the exit via Xena.  We will top off today’s gallery with four such pages, in that order.

Noah Salonga, you are sublime.

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1 Response to The Sublime Art of Noah Salonga.

  1. Ren says:

    Galing ni kuya Noah!

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