Richard Pace Takes Marvel Back To The Beginnings.

There are many faces of Hulk, and Richard Pace has captured them intensely in that eight card puzzle.  This original art masterpiece will be inserted randomly to the foil wrapped packs of Upper Deck’s Marvel Beginnings set.  One lucky collector will swell to gigantic proportions when it is discovered.

Speaking of Upper Deck, they are giving away quite a few of their miniature masterpieces on the Upper Deck Entertainment Facebook page.  Simply become a fan and post when they put out the call.  Last week they gave away a Cat Staggs card worth well over $100.  The next winner could be you!

Now, back to the beauty of Richard Pace and Marvel Beginnings.  These cards are amazingly accomplished.  They took the theme of old school superhero mythology and nailed it.  It will be excruciating bliss waiting four more weeks until the set is released, but in the meantime we can bathe in the glory together here in the Saloon.  Thanks Richard, the quality of this stuff is HUGE.

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8 Responses to Richard Pace Takes Marvel Back To The Beginnings.

  1. Errol Otter says:

    This Blog is sweet! Keep up the good work. I love the way Storm and Rogue are depicted!

  2. Kevin Lepore says:

    Upper Decks New Marvel Beginings sketches look sweet. Can’t wait untill these come out, keep up the great work.

  3. OniYon says:

    that Ghostrider puzzle is mad siiicckkkk.. it’s so good!

  4. The composition of the artwork is phenomenal, Richard. My favorite beside everything else is how you laid out the X-Women Puzzle. I can’t wait to see more of your work on future sets and hopefully comic books 😉

  5. Jason Adams says:

    Cool work, but someones gonna be pissed at a couple of those puzzle pieces if they pull it solo.

  6. Richard Pace says:

    Wow — thanks for the showcase of my sketches!


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