Melike Acar Has Mastered the Women of Marvel.

After today, your eyes will never be the same.  The Marvel Dangerous Divas set by Rittenhouse Archives is on the horizon, and the portfolio of Melike Acar has been revealed.

Remember, these cacophonies of visual bliss are only three inches across.  They will be inserted randomly in foil wrapped packages and shipped far and wide into the waiting arms of sketchcard collectors across the globe.  Somebody is going to get very, very lucky.

And, as an added bonus, there is an incredible shift in style near the end of this gallery.  As if the mastery of her traditional work was not enough, check out the graphic goodness of the last few cards for a candy coated dip into the Women of Marvel as they have never been seen before.


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3 Responses to Melike Acar Has Mastered the Women of Marvel.

  1. ieatcards says:

    Hilly shart, these are insane! The detail is amazing, but what I like the best is how stylized a lot of these cards are. Not only are Melike Acar’s cards some of the most top quality, but her style, layout and subjects put her in the same boat as Katie Cook, Kate Bradley, Andy Price, Butch Mapa, etc.

    The cartoon cards are great too (though I can’t help but think about how awesome that Jubilee would be if it had been done in Acar’s more detailed style). I’ve always thought that some of the most fun artists to collect have been the ones with variation in their work, so I’m predicting Acar’s cards are going to be a huge hit across the board.

    Is that second card posted an AP? I’d hate to find out it was trimmed down :/

  2. OniYon says:

    dear gawd these are seriously.. unreal. my eyes are going to bleed from the awesomeness. I’m gonna go cry in the corner now XDD

  3. darkship17 says:

    Holy frak!! I love how she used the logo as a belt buckle for Jubilee!! wish I could afford a case!

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