Best. Card. Ever. Slickaway’s Intense Squirrel Girl.

The party is in full swing.  Run your nuts off to find some Dangerous Divas. They were released last night at midnight.  This Squirrel Girl was discovered in Austin and is now headed to Miami. Pure Intensity by Larry Schlekewy, Jr.  Our bushytailed hero has never looked quite so metaeuphoric. We shall now join her for a catboats ritual the likes of which the world has never seen.

It’s on!

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2 Responses to Best. Card. Ever. Slickaway’s Intense Squirrel Girl.

  1. Chris Thorne says:

    Okay, I want to know what tools he is using for this kind of detail! This is so awesome. Hatches that small…just ain’t right. 🙂

    • The card was inked with a regular .005 Micron Pigma pen (I normally use a Hunt 02 Crowquill nib but, due to bleeding issues with the paper, I had to use the pen instead). It is colored with Berol Prismacolors, watercolor, colored pencil, white charcoal pencil, and a white gouache for the intense highlights.

      BTW: Thanks for the vote of confidence – it is much appreciated.

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