Meghan Hetrick: My Hero.

My favorite color is green.  Thirty years ago when I was a teenager, I first saw a picture of She-Hulk.  It changed my life.  Fast forward to the present moment, and my anima has been captured in that brilliant fantasy magazine cover above.  Meghan Hetrick, you are my hero.

The card is part of the Marvel Dangerous Divas set by Rittenhouse Archives.  Meghan has emerged as one of the true sketchcard superstars because of it.   The “Living Green and Loving It” magazine cover is part of a scintillating subset she lit like a lightbulb for collectors to fight over.  She originally created twelve covers, but six of them were rejected by Marvel for fear of copyright infringement.  These are the spectacular survivors.

Those 2.5 by 3.5 inch museum pieces are some of the most anticipated cardboard treasures in the history of the game, and the rest of Meghan Hetrick’s Dangerous Divas portfolio may be even more magnificent.  You can click on the images to make them bigger, but you will need to be quick on the eBay if you want to snatch one for your collection.

Meghan Hetrick is HOT, and she is my hero.

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