The Crux of the Marvel Universe.

When that sketchcard was pulled from its foil wrapper and offered up to Scoundrels, we immediately said “Huh? Crux? What?” The card is a magnificently mad interpretation by Larry Schlekewy, Jr. who is also known as Slickaway but who the freak is Crux?

This is she.

See, Crux was one of Cerebro’s X-Men and she had it all.  A synthetic creation combining Iceman, Sunfire, Storm, and Avalanche?  Sounds like a four-element party girl to me.

So that is the Crux of the Marvel Universe. She seems like something worth reading, and only one question remains.  What’s under the mask?  The answer: A real looker.

Nanotech hottie.  So cool.

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1 Response to The Crux of the Marvel Universe.

  1. awesome! I admire my fellow artists commitment to marvel obscurity lol…. great card!!!

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