Melike Acar Is Coming To Upper Deck!

She is currently the hottest sketchcard artist on the planet.  One of her recent Dangerous Divas cards sold for $900.  Dealers and collectors alike are ripping open box after box, case after case, digging for her treasure buried inside little foil wrapped magic boxes.  Melike Acar creates miniature masterpieces the likes of which the world has never seen.

And now we have spectacular news to share.  After rising like a rocket to the top of the hobby with her work on two Rittenhouse Archives sets, she is coming to Upper Deck.

Party on!

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1 Response to Melike Acar Is Coming To Upper Deck!

  1. Nar! says:

    Oh yeah. She totally rocks. I see a great future for her if she keeps this up. Rockin!

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