Clearing Up Debrii.

That amazing buxom beauty was drawn by Dennis Cristostomo.  It is an original art sketch card that was hidden randomly inside of one of the hundreds of thousands of packs of Marvel’s Dangerous Divas.  We were lucky enough to obtain this treasure for our collection, and now she lives in Miami.

But who is she?

Our heavenly hip-hop heroine is Debrii.  She is a modern Marvel myth who is part of the New Warriors.  She was created by Zeb Wells and Skottie Young in 2005.  She has the power to manipulate the electromagnetic forces of random objects lying around her.  She fights by flinging nearby stuff.

When Rittenhouse Archives announced an all-female trading card set featuring the best sketch card artists in the world, we started drooling in anticipation of the obscure.  Now, thanks to Dennis Crisostomo, our bellies are full… of Debrii.

What a wonderful feeling.

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