Kree! Skrull! Avengers! Sommariva!

Can you guess which of those famous Marvel Comics characters is the front-runner to be the main villain in the upcoming Avengers movie directed by Joss Whedon?  No, it’s not Spider-Man gone bad.  No, it’s not the fiery little hothead known as Phoenix.

It is a Skrull.

Yesterday, Upper Deck Entertainment made an announcement that has the entire comic book community abuzz with anticipation.  There will be a trading card set featuring the Avengers Kree/Skrull War Saga.  This product will brilliantly bring the bounty of five brand new stories in the Marvel Universe, featuring the green shapeshifting Skrulls.

The Skrulls may already be swarming the set of the Avengers movie.

There is word that Joss Whedon is already building spaceships.

Of course here at Sketchcard Saloon we are most excited about the original art sketch cards that will be randomly inserted in the packs.  The Avengers Kree/Skrull set will feature the best in the business, and that’s what really sends us into space.  Today we feature Jon Sommariva.

He may be a Skrull too, his talent seems beyond human ability.

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1 Response to Kree! Skrull! Avengers! Sommariva!

  1. Nar! says:

    These look awesome. I love the energy and the expressions.

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