Wolverine Fantasy Squirrel Girl.

That is the cover of Wolverine #8.  The comic book was released into the consciousness of humanity yesterday.  We may never recover.

All the action occurs inside Logan’s head, and it quickly turns hot and heavy.  I mean REALLY hot and REALLY heavy.  Emma Frost gets a guided tour of the psychological kinks of the man known as Wolverine.  Things get hairy.

We still can’t believe it.  You can see for yourself.  Wolverine’s official fantasies, in panel, written and approved by Marvel Comics, forever to remain as canon, actually include Squirrel Girl.

And she looks marvelous.

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6 Responses to Wolverine Fantasy Squirrel Girl.

  1. Jesse says:

    Bendis made them a canon couple in the past in his last arc of New Avengers, where they hired her to be the nanny.

  2. Mmmh says:

    This was freakin hilarious. When I saw that panel I was LMAO because Wolvie enjoys such unusual things, and with… Squirrel Girl!!! haha and this is canon, I love Wolverine.

  3. SK says:

    Even Wolverine dreams of Squirrel Girl!!!!

  4. Gemini says:

    I’m quite surprised by the absences of Jean, Jubilee, Rumiko, and Viper.

  5. I think they are amalgamations … spiral with ororo’s head… emma with jean’s hair…squirrel girl representing his sensitive side….

  6. crumples says:

    Isnt that luke cage’s wife sitting on the bed? oh the drama!

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