Squirrel Girl in (badly translated) French.

That is the Patrick Larcada Squirrel Girl sketch card from Marvel’s Dangerous Divas.

And now for something completely different.

We found a french blog talking about Doreen today.  So, of course, we ran over to Yahoo Bablefish and got ourselves an English version.

We may never stop laughing.  This is Squirrel Girl, in badly translated French.

Squirrel Girl is a exercise of style in nonsense of the comics of superhéros.

It was created specifically by Steve Ditko to show that the Kind was not to be subjected to the most modest appearance of “probability”.

The Girl-Squirrel is nimble, it has teeth ahead and a tail, and it controls the Sciuridae rodents.

Convention since its first appearance 20 years ago by Steve Ditko is to put it vis-a-vis an omnipotent adversary and to let triumph Squirrel Girl in a completely incomprehensible way.

It already overcame Dr. Doom in his first appearance, Titan Thanos and one always waits until it destroys Galactus or the Phoenix.

It was also one of the rare members surprising of effectiveness among the “Avengers of the Big lakes” (which also tried to be made call the “X-Men of the Big lakes” and “Great Lake Initiative” of Wisconsin), which is a little to the teams of Marvel Comics what Inferior Five or the Legion off Substitute Heroes is with cd.

But alas, it became too popular to be confined with this team of third zone.

Did Zut, now it even become a boyfriend of Wolverine?

I did not imagine it so popular.

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