Squirrel Girl Rising.

I have to keep pinching myself.  Things keep getting more and more unbelievable. 

I love it.

As more and more bloggers catch wind of the sweet scent of Squirrel Girl in the Marvel Universe MMO video game, her hype is reaching heavenly proportions.  When I started promoting her with all my might twelve years ago, I never dreamed it would come to this.

And I quote:

“Instead of creating your own character and fighting alongside your favorite heroes, Marvel Universe will actually let you play as Marvel’s best, with Spider-man, Wolverine, Captain America, and Squirrel Girl all currently confirmed.”

Yes. It is true.  Squirrel Girl, at least in one writer’s eyes, has made the Top Four of Marvel characters.  In honor of this weighty occasion, we hereby present all the comic book villains that Squirrel Girl has defeated.  


Thus far, Squirrel Girl has beaten:

I am not making this up.  As far as I can tell, I am wide awake.  Squirrel Girl was just called one of “Marvel’s best” and she is shooting up the charts faster than a load of nuts on fire.

Good times.

Squirrel Girl sketch cards by Katie Cook and Dave Simons.

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