Marvel Beginnings Has Begun!

That is a Bob Wiacek autographed card that was pulled from a pack of Marvel Beginnings.  The set was released by Upper Deck yesterday. 

Here is one more of the hand-signed treasures already pulled.

Another thrill that could be yours? Holograms!  Yes, the 3-D eye candy is back.  In spades.

Not heavy enough?  We got your fix.  A select few collectors will be lucky enough to rip open a pack and find the actual printing plate used to create one of the base cards in the set.  Serious metal.

Of course here at the Saloon there is one additional insert that makes us hungry to dig in.  Our favorite flavor? Sketch cards.  Hand drawn original art masterpieces.  Today we showcase one of the most whimsical, magical, bliss-inducing artists that the Marvel Universe has ever known.  We heart Hanie Mohd.

This is a gallery of her work on Marvel Beginnings.  So far, only one of these cards has been discovered.

Marvel Beginnings has begun. Happy Hunting!

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1 Response to Marvel Beginnings Has Begun!

  1. firebird16 says:

    dont forget the cut comic pannel cards! 😀

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