Sister Grimm on a Whim.

See that killer little witch in the middle of the top row?  That is Sister Grimm.  She knows magick like the back of her hand.  Check out the arcane symbols.  Realize that those exquisite details are all contained within a three inch trading card. 

Gaze upon the wizardry of Melike Acar and be dazzled.

That is the card after it was cut to standard trading card size.  It is now nestled nicely in the treasure chest of one of Earth’s mightiest collectors.  But who is Sister Grimm?

Sister Grimm gets dark.  She is part of the Marvel Comics Mystic Arcana series.  As part of the Runaways, she is known as Nico Minoru.  When her magick takes over, things get Grimm.  There is a bit about a Black Mirror.  She needs to activate the spell with her own blood.  It is such a deliciously creepy myth.  Check it out as soon as you can.

Sister Grimm is pure win.

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