Marvel Universe MMO To Use Squirrel Girl Sketch Cards As References.

She is our favorite character in all of modern mythology.  She was born in the comic books, but her bushy tail is expanding fast into more and more of Earth’s collective consciousness.  Today makes Squirrel Girl Post 42 here in the Saloon.  This one is special.

Gazillion Games is developing the upcoming Marvel Universe MMO video game.  They publish updates via Twitter as the MMMSociety.  Since Squirrel Girl has already been honored as one of the first seven superheroes announced as a playable character, we sent them a link to our museum of spectacular Doreen Green portraits found right here in the realm of sketch card madness.  They responded in the affirmative.

What does that mean?  Yep, you guessed it.  The brilliant visionaries of the sketch card community will have their unique interpretations of the nuttiest character in comics used as ancillary source material for a Massive Multiplayer Online video game that promises to bring the Marvel Universe to life within millions of human brains.




Sketch cards by Don Hillsman II, Katie Cook, Larry “Slickaway” Schlekewy, Hanie Mohd, Sara Richard, George Davis, Tony Perna, Hanie Mohd again, Patrick Larcada, Dave Simons, and Katie Cook again.

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