Zombie Squirrel Girl And A Freaking Mess Of Friends.

That is the cover of the comic book.  Inside lies a worldshattering panel that was too frightening for the internet.  Until today.  The time is now.  The truth must be told, and the planet must know. 

Squirrel Girl has been infected by the Marvel Zombie virus.

You can click the image as soon as you stop rubbing your eyes.  You are not imagining things. 

Karl Kesel wrote the story

Carlo Soriano did the drawings

Chris Sotomayor added the color

We are still reeling.

In honor of this amazing freaking moment, we are serving a round of the most spectacular sketchcards in the business.  They just so happen to all be drawn by Carlo Soriano.  The exact same madman who did the Zombie Squirrel Girl.

Coincidence or Chaos Magick?  You decide.  We have a nutty new zombie to celebrate, and her name is Doreen Green.  It just so happens that she was drawn by one of the best sketchcard artists on Earth. 

Party on!









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