Spider Island Avengers Teams Squirrel Girl With Frog-Man.

In September, that cover illustration by Leinil Yu will kick off the Spider Island: Avengers one-shot by Marvel Comics.  You can already see Frog-Man ready to slime the scene.  Inside the book, there will be something even more wicked cool.  Hang on to your nuts, Doreen Green is gonna be keen.

“Frog-Man really sees himself as an Avenger, even if nobody else does,” explains Christopher Yost, writer of the one-shot. “And in the insanity of Spider-Island, maybe Frog-Man is the hero that New York City needs right now. Or maybe I kill him off mid-issue. You never really know with me.”

Yost has crisscrossed the Marvel Universe, writing series such as X-FORCE as well as being a key figure at Marvel Animation and spearhead of “Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!.” That kind of dedication gives him a special kind know-how for cult Marvel characters like Frog-Man, as well as another fan-favorite: Squirrel Girl.

“In SPIDER-ISLAND: AVENGERS, Squirrel Girl has what will probably be the most intense day of her life.”

(Squirrel Girl sketch card by Axebone.)

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