Squirrel Girl Mystery Foe Guessing Game!


When Marvel Comics takes the Avengers to Spider Island in August, Squirrel Girl will be facing an unknown villain. She has already beaten Thanos, Fin Fang Foom, Ego the Living Planet, Deadpool and Dr. Doom.

Who could be more unlikely than that?

Here is the story summary from the Marvel mothership:

“All of Manhattan has been transformed into an island of Spider-Men… and it’s up to the Avengers to contain the chaos. But when a spider-powered Ultimatum attacks the United Nations, the Avengers are spread too thin… and must turn to the one man who can save them all: FROG-MAN. No, for real. We were just as surprised as you. PLUS! Squirrel Girl takes on the most unlikely foe of all!”

The most unlikely foe of all. Who could it be?


(Squirrel Girl sketch cards by Katie Cook and Tony Perna.)

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