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Meghan Hetrick’s Magnificence and Chris Bosh Feeding A Squirrel.

That is our latest Squirrel Girl sketch card, by the magnificent Meghan Hetrick. When it is finished it will shimmer like these… Last week we teased the new Doreen Green alongside our favorite Miami Heat hero. He also likes squirrels. … Continue reading

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Summer’s Here!

Summer is here.  I am an art teacher, so that means I am free!  I will be performing our yearly ritual.  Turn off all the clocks in the house and spend as much time as humanly possible in bed with … Continue reading

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Spider Island Avengers Teams Squirrel Girl With Frog-Man.

In September, that cover illustration by Leinil Yu will kick off the Spider Island: Avengers one-shot by Marvel Comics.  You can already see Frog-Man ready to slime the scene.  Inside the book, there will be something even more wicked cool.  Hang … Continue reading

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Zombie Squirrel Girl And A Freaking Mess Of Friends.

That is the cover of the comic book.  Inside lies a worldshattering panel that was too frightening for the internet.  Until today.  The time is now.  The truth must be told, and the planet must know.  Squirrel Girl has been infected by … Continue reading

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Dave Bullock FTW.

It’s a lucky day in the Saloon.  Not only does Mulletman grace the top of this post, but there is more Dave Bullock where that came from.  Remember gang, if you want to wallow in the wonderland of sketch card … Continue reading

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X-Men First Class by Katie Cook.

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Three Years Later.

Upper Deck started this party in 2008.  Their relaunch of the Marvel Masterpieces set brought together some of the most intense eye poppers in the comic book industry to create original art miniature museum pieces on three-inch pieces of cardboard that you … Continue reading

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Dave Johnson Will Chew Your Heart And Spit It Out.

We got us a White Out Party in Miami again tonight and we are packing Dave Johnson.  Light it up! Dude did dirty deeds for Vs. System, but this is the Saloon.  Sketch cards ignite… The man has become one … Continue reading

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The Miami Heat is a Sign of the Apocalypse.

Check the eyes.  We were there to witness.  Chris Bosh is playing like a man possessed.  The millions of people who love to hate the Miami Heat must feel as if the world is coming to an end.  This team … Continue reading

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