Jake Minor is a Brilliant Man.

Let me give you a second, while the power of that art sets in.

Okay, ready?

Here we go. Those are actual original art sketch cards that were drawn by Jake Minor for the Marvel Universe set by Rittenhouse Archives. They were approved by the Marvel Comics mothership, and inserted randomly into foil-wrapped packs. On Wednesday, the set will be released and collectors all over the world will be scrambling to snatch up the treasure.

Freaking brilliant.

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3 Responses to Jake Minor is a Brilliant Man.

  1. jake minor says:

    Thanks! Much appreciated! As I mentioned on the post the idea was something my brother Matt sparked and then it all came together.

  2. Mark says:

    OK, I gotta admit these are pretty sweet. Great idea and great execution. Always have been a Marvel Card guy, and these definitely do not disappoint. Nice work.

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