New Blood in the Sketchcard Pool Tastes Like Ash.


If you are a huge Army of Darkness fan like we are, get ready for some crossover comic art madness.  Upper Deck is gearing up for the upcoming Marvel Beginnings 2 and The Avengers trading card sets.  They will be including original art sketch cards from some spectacular artists in the comic book industry.  At the risk of opening the Necronomicon without the proper words, we would like to introduce you to a new face in the world of sketch cards.  His name is Scott Cohn.

Scott has an amazing body of work that includes our man Ash and his chainsaw hand.  Today we feature three of his pages from the Army of Darkness comic book.  We cannot wait until his skills are applied to the characters of Marvel Beginnings 2 and The Avengers on little cardboard canvases to be inserted into random foil wrapped packs.  It is a thrill unlike any other.

Klaatu Barada Necktie!



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  1. Make sure you check out more of Scott Cohn’s genius at:

    Great stuff.

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