Adriana Melo Takes Our Breath Away.

When Marvel Comics had a celebration of the different decades, they asked Adriana Melo to create an homage to the 90’s for the variant edition of X-Men Legacy.  She did Rogue doing the Vogue.  As you can plainly see, it became one of the most beautiful comic book covers of all time.

Today we celebrate the paradise that comes from the pencil of Adriana Melo.  We still can’t believe it, but it is true.  She will be creating original art miniature masterpieces for the upcoming Upper Deck Marvel Beginnings 2 and The Avengers trading card sets.  A few very lucky collectors will be able to rip open a little pack of cardboard and find a very big treasure.

You can click these drawings for more detail, but be forewarned. There is a reason Adriana Melo is one of the most celebrated artists in the business. It is not by accident that she has drawn so many major titles for Marvel and DC Comics. The effect of her work is simple.

She takes our breath away.

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2 Responses to Adriana Melo Takes Our Breath Away.

  1. Annie W. says:

    Whoa, now! Where’d that Rogue & Gambit piece come from, and how do I buy it? 🙂

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