Collecting Heralds Costumes in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

When you win a match in the Heroes and Heralds mode online, you get 8 points. At the end of the week, if your faction is victorious worldwide, you get random Heralds costumes unlocked as a prize.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, I love you.

When you begin the week online, you must choose  either Heroes or Heralds.  The first week, we picked Heralds and accumulated over 50 points in battle.  Heralds won the week worldwide, so we received two random Marvel costumes unlocked for any mode.  We got Storm and Dormammu.

The second week we picked Heroes, and they won the week.  Since we accumulated less than 50 points, we only got one Heralds costume.  Since the reward was for a Heroes weekly victory, we got a Capcom costume.  Ours was Strider.

There have been reports of three costumes unlocked in one week.  We don’t know the exact amount of points needed to get more. We do know this:

1. If you join one of the factions during the week, you have a chance to unlock a Heralds costume if that faction wins, even if you don’t fight at all.

2. When Heroes wins the week, the rewards are Capcom costumes.  When Heralds wins the week, the rewards are Marvel costumes.

3. The costumes can be used in any mode.

4. The results from each week are posted when it is over.  Here are the first two weeks:

Week One:

3,769 players.

2,147 Heroes vs. 1,622 Heralds.

Heralds won with a 54% victory rate.

Week Two:

3,331 players.

1,847 Heroes vs. 1,484 Heralds.

Heroes won with a 50.5% victory rate.


This is some of the most fun we have ever had. It is a real-time experience of sharing the mythos of Marvel Comics and Capcom characters with the whole wide world.  Heroes and Heralds mode is amazing. Try it as soon as you can.

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