Adam Cline’s Quirky Marvel Masterpieces.


The artwork of Adam Cline borders upon the insane.  There is no rational explanation for this much bizarre individuality.  He is a quirk of nature.

The card above is the only Adam Cline in our collection.  She is Tasty, an original character he created.  She rocks our world.  But Adam also captured the crazies of the Marvel Universe on the first sketchcard voyage of Upper Deck’s Marvel Masterpieces in 2007.  If you can name each of these characters, while allowing your brain to be readjusted by this madman’s unique line, enlightenment is sure to follow.










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2 Responses to Adam Cline’s Quirky Marvel Masterpieces.

  1. David Fike says:

    Great creative characters.

  2. j(ay) says:

    Cline does great work, I wish he participated on more sets…

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