Ryan Kinnaird Delivers.


When it comes to producing visual pleasure from the mythos of Marvel Comics, no one delivers like Ryan Kinnaird. The sketch cards above are an original art tribute to his groundbreaking Phoenix: Legacy of Fire series. Cardboard has never been hotter.

Ryan Kinnaird also delivered the goods back in the glory days of the Vs. System trading card game. He created the packaging art for the Marvel Legends set, including the perfect She-Hulk. Check those boots.





Our favorite Ryan Kinnaird is from a Vs. System card that we got to unveil to the world. It is taken from a time that Rogue went wild. She had touched a Skrull, and this caused her to manifest all the characters she had ever absorbed. All at once. Ryan Kinnaird, as always, nailed it.

It remains one of our favorite images of all time. Enjoy!



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