National Squirrel Appreciation Day.

Thanks to the National Wildlife Federation, today is Squirrel Appreciation Day. Since our favorite Marvel character is a perfect fit, the Sketchcard Saloon is participating with full force. No matter what kind of cat floats your boat, please join us in the celebration of the mighty squirrel!

The bushy tailed rascals that run the natural world have always held a special place in the heart. When we become one with the life force of Earth, the most common creature we find in the woods to talk to is almost always a squirrel. And they love to party.

Squirrels have been a constant source of bliss in our lives, moving in ways we wish we could and always stopping to chat when they get close enough. When Marvel Comics introduced a character named Squirrel Girl in 1991, we jumped for joy and have not stopped cheering ever since. Her real name is Doreen Green, and she was created by Will Murray and Steve Ditko. They wanted to bring light-hearted fun back to a comic book world that was full of darkness and drama. It worked better than they could have ever imagined.

Thanks to the writing of Dan Slott and Brian Michael Bendis, Squirrel Girl has become one of the most entertaining Marvel myths of all time. She is currently an integral player in the New Avengers storyline, and this month she will shock the world.

So, in honor of National Squirrel Appreciation Day, we are headed outside to open our heads to as many trees as we possibly can. For the grand finale here in the Saloon, we present the craziest Squirrel Girl appearance ever seen. April’s Avengers vs. X-Men books are featuring the return of the Phoenix Force. Things are going to get nuts!

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  1. What an awesome holiday! 😀

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