Ink-Stained Rumble: Iron Man 2.


That is one of the gems of our collection, by Ray Anthony-Height.  It exploded onto the scene with Upper Deck’s Iron Man 2 set, which is one of the best single releases ever.  Today we are pitting Ray’s incendiary splashes against the garish gorgeousity of Jon “Red J” Sommariva.  Whichever genius you choose, we all win.

Ready, Set, Rock On!!!

20120124-101123.jpg   20120124-101701.jpg

Ray or Red J?

20120124-101919.jpg   20120124-101208.jpg

Red J or Ray?

20120124-101333.jpg   20120124-101956.jpg

Amazing Stuff, either way!!!

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1 Response to Ink-Stained Rumble: Iron Man 2.

  1. Chris Thorne says:

    The winner is RAH!…by a .005

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