Jim Cheung is Back!

That is the spectacular cover for Avengers vs. X-Men #1 by Jim Cheung. Marvel Comics is throwing down with their two top teams in a titanic battle for the ages, and they could not have chosen a more talented artist to make history with. The man is at the top of his field, without a doubt.

Jim Cheung also takes time to draw sketch cards, allowing his fans the opportunity to own a piece of original art from the master. His genius has been showcased by Upper Deck since their first Marvel Masterpieces set. Now, with two new releases on the horizon, we will soon be looking at a whole new chance to find true treasure inside a pack ok trading cards. Jim Cheung is back, for both Marvel Beginnings 2 and the Avengers.

Today we celebrate Jim Cheung, with one card from each of his previous offerings. Enjoy!

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