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Ryan Kinnaird Delivers.

When it comes to producing visual pleasure from the mythos of Marvel Comics, no one delivers like Ryan Kinnaird. The sketch cards above are an original art tribute to his groundbreaking Phoenix: Legacy of Fire series. Cardboard has never been … Continue reading

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Dwyane Wade Celebrates His 30th Birthday!

Our superhero…

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Axebone Squirrel Girl Stitched Onto Shirt From Senegal.

That may be the best drawing that any human being has ever created.  Squirrel Girl sketch card by Axebone.  Notice the perfection of the tree rodent in this enlarged detail. Well, now that drawing has gone global.  One of our friends took … Continue reading

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Steve Scott Is Making A Sketchcard Splash!

For anyone out there that loves the sketchcard hobby as much as we do, we have a smashing announcement. Steve Scott will be drawing some tremendous tiny treasures for Upper Deck’s upcoming Avengers and Marvel Beginnings 2 sets! The man … Continue reading

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Adam Cline’s Quirky Marvel Masterpieces.

The artwork of Adam Cline borders upon the insane.  There is no rational explanation for this much bizarre individuality.  He is a quirk of nature. The card above is the only Adam Cline in our collection.  She is Tasty, an … Continue reading

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Collecting Heralds Costumes in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

When you win a match in the Heroes and Heralds mode online, you get 8 points. At the end of the week, if your faction is victorious worldwide, you get random Heralds costumes unlocked as a prize. Ultimate Marvel vs. … Continue reading

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Bendis Makes Squirrel Girl Go Bad.

That’s the tweet.  From the keyboard of Brian Michael Bendis, like a dagger to the heart.  See, here is the page.  It seems to say that our hero will be doing something really bad in New Avengers #20.  The storyline … Continue reading

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Sanford Greene Enters The Sketchcard Ring!

Something is dropping from the sky, and it threatens to blow the doors off our world. Upper Deck is bringing the brilliant strokes of Sanford Greene to their upcoming Marvel Beginnings 2 and Avengers trading card sets! The man is … Continue reading

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