A Strong Dose of Skottie Young.

That amazing buxom beauty was drawn by Dennis Crisostomo. It is an original art sketch card that was hidden randomly inside of one of the hundreds of thousands of packs of Marvel’s Dangerous Divas. We were lucky enough to obtain this treasure for our collection, and now she lives in Miami.

But who is she?

Our heavenly hip-hop heroine is Debrii. She is a modern Marvel myth who is part of the New Warriors. She was created by Zeb Wells and Skottie Young in 2005. She has the power to manipulate the electromagnetic forces of random objects lying around her. She fights by flinging nearby stuff.

That is the cover of New Warriors featuring Debrii, by Skottie Young.  We also want to turn you on to the blue line sketch, since it tickles the temples.

Skottie Young is one of the brightest lights in the business.  Viewing too much of his work at one time will make you go blind.  Since we love the X-Babies like an infant loves its mom, we will give you a tiny taste of his version right now.

Best of all, and more rare than pure air, we will wave goodbye with the only official Skottie Young sketch cards in existence.  From Upper Deck’s Marvel Masterpieces 2 set, straight to the heart.

Don’t worry, it will wear off by morning.

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