Help Mac and Trouble, on the Double!

One is Mac and one is Trouble. They have a tail to tell, and they need your help. Please check out their Indie Go Go project and give them a boost.  The clock is ticking.

Mac and Trouble was created by Rusty Gilligan.  The pencils will be done by Michael Mayne, like the drawing above.  These two funky felines will also be interpreted on sketch cards by a massive list of killer artists.  Check this out:

Austin Janowsky
Beck Seasholls
Bianca Thompson
Brian Germain
Charley Martin
Chris Thorne
Daniel Gorman
Elfie Lebouleux
Eric White
Gary Kezele
George Leon
Heather Cromwell
Isaiah McAllister
Jake Mackessy
Jason Adams
Jason Shoemaker
Jay Durden
Jeff Austin
Joe Martino
John Orlando
Johnny Segura
JT James Taylor
Kristen Bellatti
Lak Lim
Larry Jarrell
Laura Inglis
Neil Makohon
Pablo Diaz
Rich Molinelli
Russ Leach
Ray Griffin
Scott Glenn
Stephan Lynch
Thomas Makoto
William J Kunkle
Wu Wei

Who knows what kind of crazy cats will spring from THAT line-up, but we have one tease before we click that link above to get involved.  This beauty was drawn by Russ Leach and inked by Rusty Gilligan.  Hot stuff!


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