Squirrel Girl Mania.

That is the worktable of Charles Hall, full of magnificent tiny oil paintings for the upcoming Marvel Greatest Heroes set by Rittenhouse Archives. If you look closely, right in the middle, there is a Doreen Green.

Squirrel Girl Mania is in full swing.

Especially since Dan Slott answered our question with a resounding “Yes!” in yesterday’s interview on Comic Book Resources. Check this out.

As I’m sure you’re aware, there are a ton of Squirrel Girl fans on the boards, including StuBarnes who asked, “How do you feel about all the fantastic exposure that Squirrel Girl is getting lately? And will Doreen Green ever get her own miniseries???”

Dan Slott: Yes! I think she should. I think she should be the focal hub of Marvel’s next event. That would be awesome! It would be A and X Vs. S.G. That’s how many people you’d need to take out Squirrel Girl! [Laughter] The Phoenix Force images of her in the column here have been just lovely, and I love how she got her own video game and how Brian is giving her the full Bendis treatment in “Avengers” by fleshing her out and giving her that crackling dialogue and a great spotlight in Marvel’s biggest book.

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