Behind The Scenes With Mike Deodato’s Squirrel Girl.

We have been rabid Squirrel Girl fans since 1991 when Steve Ditko incarnated Will Murray’s vision into the best Marvel character ever invented, and the panel above by Mike Deodato Jr. and Brian Michael Bendis is the best feeling in the world.  Bendis knows the truth

I wrote like three lines of dialogue for her, and I absolutely loved her. And for some reason, Mike Deodato draws the best Squirrel Girl EVER. You would have never guessed that. So I have to give him a lot of the credit. He makes her look Wolverine cool. So now everyone wants to borrow her. I get it every week. “Is Squirrel Girl staying? Can I use her for my team?” No! She’s staying with me! Mine.

-Brian Michael Bendis

The first panel on this page is from New Avengers #7.  Doreen Green, quietly confessing the insides of the Squirrel Girl experience.  This week, as seen in the second image today, she gets mad.  And, as always, Deodato nails it.  Get ready to fill your eyes with greatness.  These are the inks from New Avengers # 21.  From behind the scenes, straight to the heart.

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