Chris Bosh Drawn by a Second Grader.

That is Chris Bosh, drawn by one of our second graders here in Miami. This is the story of how it happened.


Chris Bosh has been one of my favorite players since he studied Graphic Design at Georgia Tech. His dreaded days with the Raptors were fun to watch, but there was no chance for a ring.


With LeBron watching on, this Bosh dunk made the walls of my classroom the year before free agency. Then came the Summer of Love. The Big Three made our hometown Miami Heat the most exciting team in the history of the NBA.

Chris Bosh Christmas Party

Last year we actually got to meet our hero at his annual Team Tommorrow Christmas Party for local youth. And then this morning I got this as a surprise present from one of my second graders.


He did the drawing of Chris Bosh as extra credit. And we lived happily ever after.

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