Kev Walker’s Magic Masterpieces.

That card represents a turning point in my life, when I first learned how deep the well of pleasure can run when it comes to trading card games.  Magic the Gathering.  Swarms of squirrels.  Bliss.

Kev Walker is the artist who immortalized the Deranged Hermit, and this painted alter is pretty keen as well.

After a few years of building decks that could swing with sixty tree rodents pumped up to four figures by Coat of Arms, I moved to Marvel.  Vs. System Pro Circuit.  Then sketch cards, hence this blog.

Recently one night at midnight I tried Magic the Gathering again at a pre-release, and I won the whole tournament with tokens.  Demon tokens.  Art by Kev Walker.   The circle of life was complete.

Life is a celebration, and today we celebrate a true master with some of his most intense work on Magic the Gathering cards.  Kev Walker, we salute you.

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