Sketchcard Saloon World Championship Round One Continued.

That is the bracket, this is the deal. We have chosen 24 of our favorite sketch card artists at random. We fed their names into a tournament generator and randomized the pairings and seedings. Now the community will vote for each match, and eventually we will have a Sketchcard Saloon World Champion.

Today we have the last four matches in the first round. May the best artist win!!!

Axebone vs. Anthony Tan.

Squirrel Girl by Axebone.

Mockingbird by Anthony Tan.


Katie Cook vs. Benjamin Glendenning.

Squirrel Girl by Katie Cook.

Cosmic Spidey by Benjamin Glendenning.


Sonny Strait vs. George Calloway.

Squirrel Girl by Sonny Strait.

Mystique vs. Ms. Marvel by George Calloway.


Adriana Melo vs. Slickaway.

Mojo by Adriana Melo.

Squirrel Girl by Larry “Slickaway” Schlekewy.


Make sure you vote for yesterday’s first round matches when you are finished here, and have fun!!!

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