Sketchcard Saloon World Championships: Second Round Madness!

Those are the results of the first round and the match-ups in the second round.  Sketchcard.  Saloon.  World Championships!!! This is madness.

Vote early, vote often.  Here goes the first half of the Second Round.

Kat Laurange vs. Randy Green.

Rogue by Kat Laurange.

Cloak and Dagger by Randy Green.

Nina Fike vs. Lynne Anderson.

Scarlet Witch by Nina Fike.

Pirate Booty by Lynne Anderson.

Nar! vs. Meghan Hetrick.

Squirrel Girl by Nar!

Squirrel Girl by Meghan Hetrick.

Charles Hall vs. Gooney Toons.

Elektra by Charles Hall.

Daredevil and Elektra by Gooney Toons.


Vote for you favorites now, and make sure you come back tomorrow for the second half of the second round.  This little madness is big fun for one and all.

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