Sketchcard Saloon World Championships: Second Round Part Two.

That’s the bracket, and this is the second round.  Yesterday we started with the first four matches of the Sweet Sixteen, today war are finishing with part two.  Ready, set, VOTE!!!

Melike Acar vs. Axebone.

Sister Grimm by Melike Acar.

Mystique by Axebone.


George “Geo” Davis vs. Benjamin Glendenning.

Squirrel Girl by George “Geo” Davis.

JLA by Benjamin Glendenning.


Hanie Mohd vs. George Calloway.

Tigra by Hanie Mohd.

Deadpool by George Calloway.


Chris Foreman vs. Slickaway.


Squirrel Girl by Chris Foreman.

Doctor Strange by Slickaway.

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